Sunday, August 17, 2008

Star Wars vs Space Balls

Seeing how family time around our house is a rare thing to come by and is about to get even more crazy in the near future, we decided to have a family date night. Both Dan and I were home Saturday night and we still had several hours before Camden went to bed so we headed to the mall for dinner and to let Camden play in the water.
Once Camden was bored with the water we walked over to get dessert and saw a crowd of people and a bunch of commotion.
Yes my friends, the chaos was being caused by people dressed in Star Wars get up promoting the new cartoon. So of course we had to take a picture, and since Dan wouldn't be in it, you get to see yours truly and my funny smile because I was laughing so hard. Why was I laughing you ask. Because I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars, the closet thing I know to compare it to is Space Balls.
So to all you Star Wars fans out there(Aaron, Bonnie, Mike and Rebecca)...these pictures are for you!


Amy C said...

How fun to go out as a family! Justin would have been in heaven with all those guys! He loves Star Wars!

fivewalkers said...

Space Balls is a lot funnier if you have seen Star Wars before hand. I'm loving the last pix Camden isn't sure what to think about that guy. LOL.

Rebecca said...

Oh how fun was that?!?! I'm so jealous! I would have had my arms around the clone and stormtrooper! Yaaaayyyy! Now you go watch SW!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I found your blog. Pam told me about it when I visited my family. It's so cute to see Camden growing. I can't believe how big he is!!