Saturday, August 2, 2008

Build A Bear

The other day Camden got a special package in the mail from Cynthia. She made him his very own "Tarzan" from Build A Bear. He absolutely loves this thing!!!
His new "trick" lately is giving kisses. Usually he will blow you a kiss but if he really likes you, you get an open mouth kiss. Looks like he really likes Tarzan.
The funny thing about Camden getting this stuffed animal with a BYU shirt on it, is that Dan has one with the same shirt on. One of these days I will get a picture of my boys and their bears!

Thanks Cynthia!


Cynthia said...

I can't believe what a big boy Camden is getting to be. I love the pictures, they capture his personality so well. I'm glad that he likes his monkey.

The Krassow's said...

Look at those baby blues!! He's such a cutie!

Kris*Mitch*Kal said...

he is so freakin cute! I need to see that kid! Its been a long time!

fivewalkers said...

What a cute boy with a cute monkey. Yay Cynthia for sending him such a fun toy. A lot of people love this little guy. :-)