Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Kid Will Never Do That

Once again I ate my "pre-child" words, "My kid will never do that" when I took Camden to play on the toys in the mall. I have justified this decision by saying they clean this playground daily(I watched them do it),as apposed to going to the park where the only thing cleaning those toys are the elements. And it is too dang hot to take my kid to the park, he would burn his rear going down the slide in this weather and I would melt sitting on the bench watching him.
So now that I have justified my actions I feel great about this new adventure and I'm sure we will be going back for more. Camden loved all the different toys and kids to run around with. Not to mention the fabulous nap he took after we got home.
On our way out of the mall we had to stop by the pet store to see the dogs. These two puppies were so playful and Camden would've sat there for hours watching them.
Thank you mall for being a getaway for both me and my child. I owe you, oh wait...you take all my money anyway, lets call it even!


Tawnya said...

Don't you hate eating your pre-baby words? It's only been 5 months for me and I've had to do that plenty of times. Makes me wish my bitter, judgemental ex co-worker had kids so she could appreciate all the nuances of motherhood.


I took Owen to see some puppies too. He just screamed when we left and then I vowed never to take him back!!

fivewalkers said...

Halleluiah for free air conditioned entertainment!!

Rebecca said...

Yes! Love the cool mall playground! So why did you say you'd never do that? :)