Friday, June 6, 2008

Who Woulda Thunk?

Walmart is one of those necessary evils in my life, and I hate it. Every time I am there I turn into someone I'm really not; and today was no different. To make this trip fairly painless, I ran in the store for one thing and only one thing(yes I came out with 4 things). And while I was there picking up my ONE item, I looked down and noticed my son had somehow managed to get his foot stuck in between the two narrow bars on the shopping cart. He must be some sort of contortionist because I, for the life of me, could not get it out. His ankle bone was two wide and every time I tried to maneuver it he would scream bloody murder. After a few tries by myself in the birthday supply isle, I headed towards customer service. Because I KNEW the trip inside was going to be a quick one I left my diaper bag, equipped with lotion, in the car. So when I arrived at customer service I asked the very intelligent cashier for some lotion. Seeing the puzzled look on her face I told her that my sons foot was stuck in the cart and I need to lube it up. She took it upon herself to panic loud enough so other inquiring Walmart minds could get involved. (PAUSE: Am I a bad mom if during all of this I was thinking about running out to my car for my camera?) As if Miss Panic Attack wasn't enough, one lady kept rubbing my back saying, "Oh my, you must be a mess. Don't panic, it's okay". (PAUSE: Just to get things straight...I was not having a panic attack about my child's foot, but I was beginning to have one from all of the people touching us, and being up in our business. I just wanted to tell all of them to back off.)

Needless to say, I finally got some lotion and his little foot slid right out.

Who woulda thunk your kids foot could get stuck in the cart and cause such commotion at Walmart?


fivewalkers said...

Killer!! that is all I can say...

Heather said...

Finn used to CONSISTENTLY get his foot/leg caught in the slats of the crib. It would cut off the circulation and swell up and that is when it would bother him enough to wake up screaming. Believe me, I feel your pain only I only had Eric there to panic with while you had your Walmart Grandmas "all up in your business!" Love you!