Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gotta Get Out

I don't know what my deal is lately! I always feel the need to get out of the house and go do something. It's like I need a dose of fresh air everyday or I go insane. So as I watched the news this morning and saw the high today would only be in the 90's, I jumped at the idea of going to the park.
It was a perfect day to sit in the shade and feed the ducks. UNTIL....the other children around us noticed we were getting all the attention from the birds, and decided to join us to steal our bread. I seriously wanted to drop kick the little girl that swiped the chunk of bread right out of Camden's hand. Next time I will bring an entire loaf instead of a few slices to spread the wealth.
Every time I put him in his stroller he seems to kick his feet back and relax. He cracks me up sitting there just chillin'.

A hour at the park is plenty of time for me, apparently Camden didn't feel the same. He cried the entire ride home.


fivewalkers said...

Okay I am sooooo jealous! I want to go to the park! 90's sound awesome. Today the high was 50...what the junk is that about!!! Cute pix of Camden.

Amy C said...

I love the picture of Camden with his feet up! So cute! After being in Utah, this 90-100 stuff is killing me, I can't go outside for anything, but I'm with you on needing to get out everyday!