Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dear Uncle Jim, Aunt Natalie, Rylan, Dylan and Savannah...

Thank you for the cool box you sent me for my birthday. It came in the mail today and I played in it for a good hour. My mom was able to accomplish a lot while I was pre-occupied.

Oh..and thank you for the AWESOME bubble machine. "Bub bas" are one of my very favorite things. My parents read me a book about them at least once a day, now I can play in the bubbles while they read.

I have never seen a puzzle before, but I quickly fell in love. I also learned that I can throw the puzzle pieces at the dog and it makes her bark.

Thank you for sending me such a fun birthday package.

Love, Camden

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fivewalkers said...

Dear Camden,
We are so excited that you got the package. Sorry we are such slackers in sending it. We hope that you had a great birthday and we are sad that we couldn't be there in person. We love you so much!!!