Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the not so...Happy Day

Camden's 8th month mark was spent at the doctor's office today. That darn ear infection we went to the doctor for two weeks ago still hasn't gone away. It is staying for good! He has been running a fever of 103+ for the last two days, poor kid.

I am not a very patient person as it is, and this just hasn't been pretty. I am dreaming of the night we get more than two hours of sleep in one stretch. I really hope this round of antibiotics does the trick. If not, I am sure a plane ticket home to grandma will cure it.
Camden now has 5 teeth; 3 on the bottom and 2 on top. Only one problem, the 2 on top are not the front 2...they are both right next to the front two. He is one cute snaggle-toothed boy!

Weighing in at a big ol' 20.15 lbs, Cam is looking like he is thinning out, but the numbers aren't agreeing.

Pulling himself up on the couch is his new big acheivement. He acts so big and tough until he falls and it scares him half to death. He is currently working on walking along the couch.

He loves anything that has to do with the outdoors. Even if it is just standing at the back door looking through the glass.

Talking to himself is something he must of learned from his dad. That is probably the reason he makes the noise "dadada" and not "mamama".

I have noticed that Camden is starting to become "clingy", I am not sure if this is because he has been sick for so long, or if we are going to have a problem with this.

And the winner for his favorite toy is a toss up...the telephone(yes he has called people and I didn't know until later), and the nintendo paddle.

Happy 8 months baby!



So Owen doesnt even weigh 20 pounds!!! I wish he did!!! today someone asked if he was small for his age and I smacked her!

Heather said...

Lissa, it is called separation anxiety and it kicks in at about 8 months and then again at like 15 months I think. It will pass! ps Here is an interesting update from West 8: Carol H colored her hair brown and got it cut a little different! No more grey and single bang curl! It looks good. I never thought it would happen, I wonder who convinced her...