Friday, February 1, 2008

The Nerve!

What's that you say? You have been waiting ONE hour and you want to get in front of me? Oh sure that's no BIG deal; I have slept great the last two nights, by kid is screaming hysterically for no reason, and I haven't been waiting for TWO hours. Go right ahead if you feel the need.


Seriuosly I am standing in line at the Wal-mart pharmacy, Camden is screaming because he has a sinus infection as well as double ear infection, and she has the nerve to ask if she can get in front of me. Oh and don't you worry I told her how long I had been waiting right after she told me how long she had been. I had been there twice and long as she had...AND...there was nobody behind me in line. I really hope that five extra minutes she saved made her day.

I am sure it did because she was so grateful and thanked me over and over again...oh she didn't.

And to top this fabulous day off, when I got home and busted out Camden's antibiotic I found nothing but white powder in the bottle. Let's just say I was not very happy. I immeditaley called the pharmacy and asked the poor girl that just happened to answer the phone if my son was supposed to snort the medicine or if perhaps there was a mistake. She didn't catch on to my humor so I asked to speak with the pharmacist. The pharmacist asked me to come back in but I reassured him he didn't want me back there. If there was anyway for me to make this magic potion at home, it would be in everyone's best interest. He quickly explained how to mix it and apologized.

SO after a long I am ending it with a post! Ode to medicine, it better help!



I really hate Wal-mart pharmacy!!!

Rebecca said...

{{{hugs}}} What a terrible experience. How is Cam feeling? Did the meds help??