Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Discoveries

Camden has made a few new discoveries as of late.
He has discovered how fun it is to stick his fingers in the outlet and see mom's reaction. At first I freaked out, thinking he was going to get shocked. Then I thought about just letting him figure it out on his own. Ya know, "that'll teach ya" attitude. And last, I gave in and bought the stupid outlet plugs. Now I am "one of those parents". Camden has recently discovered the doggie door. He thinks it's fun to play with it and stick his face up there. I, on the other hand, don't find it very entertaining. I think that door is filthy and I can just see him crawling out of it and busting his face.

Side note(speaking of the dog): Today I put Camden down for a nap and he was trying to fight falling asleep by crying. I was downstairs and could hear him crying for about 5 minutes. Immeditaley after the crying stopped, the laughter started. I found this very odd so I went upstairs to peek in on him. His door was wide open(first clue; I always keep it closed), and the dog came running out, wagging her tail. I thought this was a little wierd so I closed his door and went back downstairs. Not even a minute later the laughter started again, so I quietly and quickly walked back up the stairs to "catch" whatever was going on. Chewie(the dog) was standing by the crib wagging her tail and Camden's arms were reaching out trying to grab the dog, as he was laughing hysterically. It was pretty funny.

Another funny thing I noticed Cam doing today was looking at his reflection on the oven door. He sat here and tried to touch his face for at least 5 minutes.

P.S. Don't mind the barf running down his chin. This is a constant in our house so we are pretty used to it by now.

Just a few other funny things happened today that I want to remember. For some reason(maybe the antiboitics) Camden has been full of gas. And when he toots it is pretty manly sounding, and today was no exception. He tooted so loud he looked behind him, a little frightened by the noise, to see what it was. I was busting up, so glad I witnessed this.

I walked out the back door to put a load of laundry in the washing machine(our laundry room is outside) and closed the door behind me. When I was finished and ready to come back in the house I found Camden lying in front of the door, making it impossible to open and let me inside. It was really pathetic of me trying to explain to my 7 month old that he needed to move in order for me to get back in the house. He just thought it was really fun to look at me waving my hands around, so he laughed and stayed in one spot. I had to get down on my hands and knees, reach up through the doggie door, and move him out of the way. By the time I did that and got back up on my feet, he was back in front of the door. He is one fast little mover. Needless to say, it took me a minute, but I out smarted him and got in.

He is quite the character. I can really see a crazy personality coming out in him, I love it!


Mimi said...

that kid is sooo darn cute! Love the pics and oh what fun you'll have with his new discoveries!

Rebecca said...

I just LOVE those things they do! How wonderful and cute and smart!


maybe thats why owen has such bad gas lately!!! Stupid antibiotics. still drooling over the cookies...must eat a cookie!