Friday, May 18, 2012


This afternoon I went to the expo to pick up our race packet.  The energy was intense and I could feel the excitement in the air.  I tried not to stay long because I didn't want my nerves to get the best of me.  I attempted to go about the rest of my day as usual but the marathon was always in the back of my mind.  I had a few friends drop by with good luck treats and several people text and call. Any time I tried second guessing myself I was reminded of all the hard work we had done to get to this point.  Concentrating on everything I had done instead of everything else I shoulda, woulda, coulda, done to make it better.

One new pair of running shoes, approximately 470 training miles run, an incredible Under Armor sports bra, 1 stick of glide, 8oz of chamois butt'r, 3CD's of new songs added to my IPOD, running pants, 2 pair of Thor-lo socks, approximately 7 rolls of KT tape, lots of ice, 1 Costco size can of blue Gatorade powder, 6 months of Saturday mornings with my Dad, Orbit gum, tons of determination and dedication, sore knees, hurt achilles, scars, blisters, GI trouble, tears, and competition have all got me to this point.

So tonight as I painted my nails(gotta have something nice to look at for 5 hours tomorrow) I tried to differentiate between chest tightness from my hacking cough and chest tightness due to anxiety.  I'm sure it's a little of both; but either way it's on, tomorrow I will officially be a marathon runner!  And like my dad said, we will finish it together, or not at all!

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