Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Real Deal

I fooled myself into thinking I was ready to start getting serious about my weight loss.  So I gave up Dr. Pepper and have been drinking diet here and there when I needed a fix.  Unfortunately I need to dig a little deeper for some motivation about weight loss(that is another story) but, for the most part, I have stuck with diet soda.

Today I'm falling off the deep end.  Even the maintenance guy made a crack about me needing to be heavily medicated.

I think an ice cold Dr. Pepper will do the trick.  But just to make myself feel better about it, I need to list some of the reasons for my justification.

1.This is the 3rd time in the last month our heat has gone out.  Today is the second day in a row I've called a repair man to fix it, every time it costs me more money than I have.  They charged me for a part which should get me by but if it gets cold enough tonight it will break again.
2. I just received my first quote on a new heating and air conditioning unit.  Ouch.
3. Our car was in the shop twice last week.  More blasted money.
4. I've been congested for almost 5 weeks.  I've waited in the doctors office for over 1.5hrs 2 different times because of it.  I can't sleep, Dan can't sleep with me snoring and gagging all night, it's annoying.  The allergist can get me in for my 3hour appointment but only during the week my sisters are here to visit.  Lame.
5. My boss scheduled me 3 out of the 5 days my sisters are here even though I asked for it off.
6. Both boys were barfing Tuesday night.  My favorite blanket got barf on it and because it didn't get washed right away it is stained.  Sick.
7. I spent a lot of time preparing for a craft day at church and after it was over someone basically told me my craft sucked.
8. My Christmas dishes are all over my kitchen table because the boxes are outside and it's too cold to get them.  So I'm living in a mess.

The more I list, the more Dr. Pepper I'm gonna want.  It's almost like I need justification to drink everything I've missed out on over the last month or so.  I thought this post would make me feel better, but its' making me think of all the crappy things in life, so I better be done.

Life will be good again after I get my hands on that Dr. Pepper, stay tuned for a gratitude list.  I feel the need for one.


Tawnya said...

Ooooh, that definitely calls for a DP. I've been trying to be good and avoid caffeine but bought a 2 liter of diet pepsi today and it's almost gone.

Casey said...

I'm bringing you a case of Dr. Pepper right now! Where do you live?? ;)

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

You know, I find that waking up in morning and being a mom pretty much always justifies a Dr. Pepper. You are my HERO!