Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Otay

We had an unexpected visit the last few days from some of our favorite people! Although their trip was short lived, it was oh so sweet!
We did a little shopping. Gap seemed to have the cutest window models.
We ate lunch outside. And for every bite we took, we got a penny to throw in the water.
We pretended like Nanny lived here all the time.
We got to see Santa even during his off season.
And got even more loves!

And then we cried lots when we had to say goodbye. And waved to every airplane in the sky.

But Camden told me "it's otay Mama cause Nanny be right back so so soon".

1 comment:

Tawnya said...

Jace looks more like Camden's brother now with that haircut. And their matching outfits are to die for.