Thursday, March 11, 2010

Confession Wednesday

I recently bought a membership at the gym and have started working out. Tonight while I was there I decided to go weigh myself on the scale locating in the locker room. This gym has three locker rooms all located in a row in the following order-unisex(I think they meant to call it "family"), men's, and women's. For some unknown reason I subconsciously pass the first locker room(unisex) thinking its men's and the second should be women's. Luckily the first time I tried walking in the men's room Hope stopped me. Unfortunately the second time she wasn't with me and I walked all the way in until I saw an older gentleman BUCK NAKED! I paused for a minute hoping that the naked body in front of me was just a really ugly woman. But I didn't have to think too long because the man started laughing hysterically at me when he saw the look on my face! I bolted!!!!

Oh man....what if I see him next time I go...or the college kid on the stair stepper laughing at me when I walked back out! This is why people don't buy gym memberships:)

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