Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not Looking Good

After we all made it to bed last night I was awaken by my eldest son(it always is, but I gave him permission this week). As I sat on the floor rubbing his back trying to soothe him to sleep I heard a gurgling noise coming from the crib(that's another post, they both sleep in the same room now). I jumped up to see Jace choking on green vomit. I ripped him out of bed and as instincts had it, pounded on his back. He got up quite a bit, never crying, but I could tell he didn't feel well. I tore off the sheets, handed him to Dan with a clean pair of jammie's and went back in with Camden who fell asleep shortly thereafter.
After being up a few more times that night we woke up to Jace completely lethargic, not wanting to eat(you know somethings wrong if he won't eat). I wondered at first if it was the cereal I fed him the night before(I'll save that for another post...his first bite of "real food") that didn't sit well. But that thought quickly went out the door when Camden began throwing up. We've got the flu!
So on top of Dan and I both having a cold from hell, Camden just having surgery. We now have two kids with the flu! Yippee!!!

As of 5 o'clock this evening Jace seems to be on the mend. He hasn't thrown up at all today and has even kept down 4 ounces of formula.
Camden on the other hand is starting to worry us. It breaks my heart that he is old enough to understand he needs to run to the toilet when he's got to barf :( Not to mention his throat was just cut to shreds and the vomiting definitely won't help his pain. He doesn't want to drink his pain medication because his throat hurts. I get that. But how to do help your 2 year old understand that he needs to stay hydrated or his pain will increase? And if he takes the pain medication his throat won't hurt as bad, which in turn will allow him to swallow easier. It's a no win situation in his eyes and my reality.
The doctor warned, "It will get worse before it gets better". I felt ready to deal with Camden post op. But not with the flu and a head cold from hell.



The flu sucks..colds suck..and what sucks even more is that it is still summer..Im glad the hospital stay went well and I hope everything gets better real soon. love ya

Debbie said...

{{hug}} It's hard when kids are sick and even worse when the mommy is to. I hope you all get feeling better soon!

Blake and BreeAnn said...

Dang Lissa! You poor thing! and your poor babies. :( Good luck!

Casey said...

You have to MAKE him take his pain med Lissa. It's not an option. We always have to force meds down Brady by sitting on top of him on the floor and squeeze his mouth open. It's not fun but you gotta do it especially if his pain is stopping him from taking fluids. Make him take the pain med and then hopeffuly he won't get too dehydrated. Sorry you're going thru all this!

Jon & Kaylie said...

So sad!! I hope it passes quickly! Good luck!

Tawnya said...

Uuuuhhh, Lissa, that stinks!!! I feel for you.