Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get Out Of Town

We had a nice little getaway this past weekend with our good pals. They have a beautiful cabin, just north of this blasted heat, in Prescott and invited us(our germs and all) to join them.
Even though we just went up for the night I was embarrassed with how much crap we packed. The back of our car was chucked full as well as theirs. It's amazing how much you need when the kids are in tow.
We ate more food than anyone should. We brought crap, baked even more, and devoured pretty much everything! Tiffani was so smart and brought cookie dough for us to enjoy. The altitude didn't like her cookies but we did.
The sleeping arrangements worked out just perfect. Jace got the hook up with this awesome portable crib and slept like a log!
The other kidlets enjoyed a late night movie in the family room snuggled up together.
The adults stayed up way past our usual bedtime playing board games, and of course eating more snacks. I didn't want the night end, it was THAT fun!
Our kids played so well together and were such good sports. At what age are they too old to be doing this and why do I think it's so cute now?
While hanging out at the park Sunday afternoon we happened upon some nice cowboys who kindly offered horse rides to our kids. Camden was mesmerized by the "horseys" until he got up close. Although he didn't take them up on their offer to ride, he at least got to touch one thanks to Tiffani's patience.

And of course the ride to and from is were most of the memories came from. The moon was beautiful, the small traffic jam was a nice break, Spencer's radical moves in his two-banger, and many more. Thanks for the invite we had a blast!


Tawnya said...

Awesome!!! K, I love that Jace slept in a laundry basket. And how bold is Tessa, going in for a kiss like that!? wooo wooo!!

Bubbly Faces said...

I love it, we had so much fun with you guys!

amy said...

I hear after midnight you and tiff are way more fun. We'll have to tag along sometime.