Monday, August 17, 2009

Knock On Wood

I'm a little scared to admit this out loud was a much better day. I'm hopeful Camden is on the mend. Last night I was able to get a bowl of mashed potatoes down him. That is the first amount of real food he has eaten all week. He only woke up a handful of times throughout the night as opposed to 10+, I consider that significant progress.

This morning he helped me make blueberry muffins and put down 1.5 of them. I think he secretly enjoyed being able to eat again; although lunch and dinner were another story. The crazy kid even turned down an ice cream cone.
Giving him pain medication has become less painful; he still cries but doesn't have to be held down. I can tell something is a little off because he will randomly tell me in the middle of the day that he is tired and wants to lay down. That would have never happened before. EVER. I'm not sure if it's the new Camden, the sick Camden, or the drugged up Camden. But is it bad if I kinda like it, no matter which one it is?

Jace on the other hand was crying this evening which is totally rare. It took him a good ten minutes to settle down(I understand that is nothing, but for him, it is weird). He was sweating like a pig when I noticed his second tooth came through. He now has his bottom, front, right tooth. He is going to town!

They both got baths, drugs, and into bed before 8 o'clock. Things are lookin' good!


Gabaldon said...

I'm glad ur little man is better!

Lovin the binki of ur little one:) LMAO!!!!

Casey said...

Lissa I'm so glad they're feeling better!! You must be exhausted! It's unnerving to have your child not eat for a week isn't it? Bailey didn't eat for 10 days when she had RSV this year. Your boys are so super cute!!!

fivewalkers said...

Oh how awful that you have all been so sick. Crossing my fingers and toes that you stay healthy over there....Love Jace's binki. :-)