Saturday, August 22, 2009

Keeping Things Exciting!

Poor Jace hasn't been feeling well the past couple weeks. His body finally decided to show me something I felt the doctor needed to see. A pretty ugly, painful looking rash coupled with irritability and not wanting to eat. I decided to take him to Urgent Care because of course it was Friday night when this all went down.

I'm normally not a huge fan of Urgent Care, or ER, simply because the doctor is not invested in you or your health. It's as if they see the same crap all the time and just want to get their shift over with. They never have any follow up and could care less if what they prescribed really did the trick. But that's just my opinion.

Tonight was much different. I followed the advice from my pediatricians website on where to go. It was a bit of a drive but worth every minute and mile on the car.

I went in expecting the doctor to treat Jace Man and came out with a diagnosis and prescriptions for not only Jace, but Dan and me as well. He was so thorough and felt it "un-ethical" to allow me to leave without being treated seeing how I was coughing up a lung in his office. I guess Dan was right, we needed to get to the doctor. I thought we could tough it out and be fine. Guess it was worse than I thought.

Poor Jacers has that stupid Hand-Foot-Mouth infection with painful blisters in his ears and throat from Dan and I coughing our nasty respiratory secretions all over him. And Dan and I have Walking Pneumonia. So in case you're wondering...we are one big germ fest over here!

And P.S. if you notice Dan and I looking a little "puffy", spare me. Just know we are on a serious dose of steroids mixed with nasty antibiotics to clear this crap up!


Natenkell said...

Holy Cow!! You guys have it all going on down there. That really stinks. It's hard to take care of sick kids anyway. Plus having one get over surgery and you and Danny being sick. I'm sorry. If I was closer, I would come make you chicken noodle soup or something.

fivewalkers said...

When you guys do sick you really do sick. Crap! That is awful. I hope that you are all feeling better now.