Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week In Review

Other than everyone getting sick, the weather being super weird, and the time going way too fast; we had so much fun this past week in Utah. I wasn't very good at taking pictures this time around, but I did capture a few good moments.
Camden learned to enjoy all the new "toys" he found at my mom's house. Everything was so new and exciting for him.
We got to hang out with our family and had so much fun. Last time we went home was in December and Camden has grown and changed so much since then. It was so much fun for me to watch my family interact with Camden(he is the first grand baby for my parents), and to see him take so well to them. We miss them already.

We went to lunch with friends and Camden got to play with kids closer to his own age. The women at the gym daycare weren't lying when they said he was a bully. He pushed and hit everyone he came in contact with. Thank goodness we love him so much!

He even got his first haircut by none other than my famous sister and hair dresser, Cassi. It was so funny when she used the clippers on him he started laughing because he thought it tickled. Doesn't he look much more handsome now that the mullet is gone?
He learned new tricks from his Uncle Caleb who was gracious enough to share a room with him the entire time.
Hanging out with Dans family is always exciting. Thanks to Aunt Cathy he got a new toy(a mint container) that he is still enjoying. And learned from Uncle Aaron that his favorite thing to do is ride on people's shoulders.
Hopefully Dan got his fix for "rough housing" with his nephews because I am definitely not as much fun as they are!




fivewalkers said...

Looks like you have a fun trip. I am super excited no pix's of me on here. :-)