Friday, May 16, 2008

Aware Of My Surroundings

I like to think I am aware of my surroundings, not nosey.

During the last week I witnessed two of my neighbors cars beings towed away, aka repossessed. I felt bad for my neighbors for a brief moment until I felt the rush of watching the tow truck driver quickly hook the cars up and take off in an effort to avoid an confrontation.

So as I informed Dan of what I witnessed, instead of calling me nosey(because he knows better than that) he told me I would be a good participant of the neighborhood watch.

Just like I am aware of my surroundings, Dan is aware of the words he chooses to use. I am still laughing out loud about how funny his comment was!


Amy C said...

I like that! I consider myself to be aware of my surroundings also, and it sounds so much better than being nosey (sp?).

Tawnya said...

Gotta love it when they choose their words wisely. LOL