Monday, May 12, 2008

11 Months

My friend had a child the same day Camden was born, and on her blog she has a ticker with how many days left until her girl turns one. Every time I check her blog I gasp at how close that day really is getting.

So here is Camden in all his curious glory weighing in at 22.4lbs(I only know this because of our visit to the doctor from yet another ear infection). As of today he is doing the following crazy things:
  • pointing at anything and everything
  • clapping, mostly after you tell him "good job"
  • head banging on the wall(I like to think he has rhythm not some other problem) and rocking back and forth to the music
  • throwing balls, he has quite the arm
  • he has mastered the art of drinking soda from Dan's route 44 straw
  • talking gibberish ALL the time
  • waving hello and goodbye
  • biting with his mouth full of 8 teeth
  • hitting and yelling at the same time

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I love him. Owen loves soda pop too!