Saturday, May 24, 2008

Date Night

One of Dan's students gave us tickets to the Arizona Rattlers(arena football) game and we made a date of it. Some of the highlights included Tiffani falling while trying to climb over the seats, the midget obstacle course at halftime, the couple next to us fighting, Coldstone,
and last but not least...Dan thinking I'm so hot he couldn't keep his hands off me.
I was trying to have a serious picture of us in the "Lexus Club" to prove our high rollin' status, Dan had other plans.



NIce to see you guys still like each other after all these years!! 'HIGH ROLLIN'

Heather said...

I am jealous...jealous of date night and make-out action. I am glad you guys had fun.

fivewalkers said...

Date nights are so much fun! I'm glad you are making time to go. Good on ya. :-)

The Krassow's said...

You are too funny! I love all of your posts, you're so witty. By the way do you still work at Good Sam because I haven't seen you in FOREVER!!???