Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wedding Time

Today we had a jam packed day of family fun.  We dropped the boys off with Aunt Natalie while we attended Dan's niece's temple ceremony.  The boys had a blast and carried the gifts she spoiled them with around all day.  Dan and I enjoyed the things that were shared in the temple.  There was an incredible spirit and that will stick with me forever.

In between the temple and the luncheon we headed back to Uncle Jim and Aunt Natalie's place to hang out. The boys were in heaven!  Rylan and Dylan had trains, Wii, dirt bikes, and a go cart that they graciously shared with us.

After we worked everyone up with fun manly toys, we headed to the wedding luncheon.  The reception center had a play area in the basement with an attendant.  It was nice to not have to worry about the boys while we had dinner with the family.

I enjoyed all the time we had to sit and visit with so much of Dan's family.  I got to meet several nieces and nephews that I had never met before and spend some good time visiting with Dan's mom.

We are excited for Emilee and grateful she invited us to all the wedding festivities so we could have an excuse to hang out with family.

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