Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Smell of Christmas

Today we got into the Christmas spirit by making sugar cookies.
Camden was so excited when I pulled out this snowman cookie cutter. For some reason he is obsessed with the idea of snow and Christmas. He is positive we will know when Christmas is here because the snow will fall. Maybe the presents on Christmas morning will distract him from the not-so-snowy ground outside.
Jace could have cared less about making anything other than a mess.  Just give the kid a cookie to eat and he is content.
I may or may not have bribed my children all day with the fact that we'd be talking with Santa himself.  This is our second visit with Mr. Claus and Jace's reaction is always the same.  He cracks me up! 
The countdown is on.
*I just noticed I put my kids in the same shirts both times we saw Santa.  That's funny, or is it embarrassing?


Tracy said...


I was craving sugar cookies today and almost made some, but then got lazy. What a good mom you are! totally amazing that your kids are wearing the same shirt. duh. I love them.

Tawnya said...

Nothing like cooking shirtless! Maybe that's why you weren't in any pics, huh?

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! What a fun mom you are and what a great Christmas season you are having. Love you guys!

Amy (too lazy to sign in) Porter

P.S. What was the surprise?

Cara Fish said...

They're getting SO big! I LOVE it. Tawnya is cracking me up with her naked cookie baking comment...