Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Hard to Admit

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again...all three of my boys attitudes are, in large part, affected by mine.

For the last month or so Dan and I have been exhausted with the attitudes that are raging within our home.  Although Camden and Jace are at my all time favorite stage(so far), playing, wrestling, and entertaining one another; it is also a stage with lots of attitude, arguing, and butting heads.

I have been exhausted and irritable, my patience has worn thin.

For the past three days my voice has been slowly disappearing.  Today it is gone.  And today I was once again slapped in the face with a not to subtle reminder of how my actions(and words-or lack thereof) affect others.

Today my boys have played so well together.  The house has been peaceful(other than it's a complete mess), and happy.  My boys have not thrown tantrums when asked to do or not do something.  They have not talked back to me.  They have been incredible listeners.  They have behaved and not made a scene when we've gone out.  And in fact, they have whispered...not only to me but to each other.

Growing up I always wanted to lose my voice, I thought it seemed fun.  No matter how hard I tried to yell or scream it never disappeared(to my parents dismay, I'm sure).  Now that it's happened I know it's not fun, but I am grateful for the reminder that came with it.