Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grandmother's House We Go

I was lucky enough to take my boys on another trip to visit Nanny and Papa.  Flying solo with them to Idaho was quite an experience.  I may or may not have stood up and shook my finger in a "grown" man's face making threats to punch him on our flight over.  And I may or may not have sat next to Mitt Romney on the way home and told him he looked familiar.

The important thing was that we made it there in one piece and had a blast.
My parents have a beautiful garden and Camden was in heaven helping Nanny pick fresh veggies everyday.
I could not get over how much my LITTLE brother has grown up.  I even pinned him down to check his armpits for hair-it was there.  His voice was deep and he was tall.  Sniff sniff.
Growing up I remember "getting in trouble" for pushing the bar stools on the hard wood floor.  So you can imagine how quick I was to jump on Jace as he pushed the bar stools on my parents floor(in their new house).  And I about broke down in tears when my dad said 'things that used to be a big deal to them as parents (like the bar stools scratching the floor, and finger prints on the windows), they miss now' .  I love my dad.  And I love him even more when I see him as my kids Papa.

Ever since I told Camden we were going to Nanny's house he insisted on fishing.  So fishing we did.  It rained that morning which made it perfect for he and Nanny to go find worms.  They saved them in a bucket until Papa came home and off we went to the neighborhood pond.  Camden refused to get his hands dirty by touching the worms.  Lucky for him Nanny loves to touch worms.

Jace lasted for a good 5 minutes before he started using his fishing pole as a weapon.
Of course we ate like champs which included dessert right after dinner and again right before bedtime.
We were spoiled to have Aunt Kristi and Aunt Charly come while we were there. And our stay wouldn't have been complete without Kujo the dog for constant entertainment.
Notice my Dad has a black eye.  I'm pretty sure that happened the first day we got there when my mom and I left the boys alone for a short time.  Whoops.

Thanks for having us, we miss you already and can't wait for our next trip "home".

P.S.Thank you Southwest Airlines for conveniently cancelling our return flight so we could stay an extra day.