Friday, October 22, 2010


I've never been very good at keeping my feelings in.  Sometimes that is a good thing, other times...not so much.

I'm feeling stuck in a rut.  I'm sick of this feeling.  I'm sick of this rut.  So I was determined to shake it off today.  I woke up, showered before Dan left.  Opened all the blinds and windows.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Helped Camden make the lunch of his choice.  Sat outside and participated in the picnic lunch.  Read my boys a bazillion books before nap.

And then I felt it coming on.  I fell.  I fell back into my rut. 
I sat down.
I began feeling sorry for myself and all the things I don't like right now.
Ate myself sick with an ice cream snickers, Dr. Pepper, and homemade mac and cheese.  I looked out the window and saw it sprinkling, and thought...I feel blue.

Stupid blue, you used to be my favorite color.


Tawnya said...

This weather sure doesn't help. I know all about ruts. Hope things look up soon.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know. You are not alone in this feeling. I am having it too and when I finally get tired of feeling blue I get angry. And so the cycle goes.



You forgot to add you talked to your best friend Leslie who didnt call you back!! Sorry busy day..I love you..I love you..I love you! Hope the Dr Pepper made you feel better!

Rebecca said...

I've been there too. It will pass. It's good that you recognize it and are working to get out of your rut. Sounds like a wonderful morning, though!