Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Night

My boys latest movie obsession has been Toy Story.  We decided #3 had been out long enough for us to attempt to take our kids to the theater.
Camden was in heaven, he loved the entire experience.  Jace did pretty good.  He probably ate 10lbs of popcorn, and worked it all off running up and down the stairs toward the end of the movie.  I may or may not have cried, I loved this one.
Dan was a good sport posing for all my "happy" pictures(seriously, can anyone look at the camera?).
And of course, right outside the theater is this perfectly placed carousel.
But I must admit, I'm glad we let them ride it.  Camden has never been on a carousel where he didn't flip out and need to be held the entire time.  He had the biggest grin!  It was totally worth the $4 to ride, and $2.75 ATM fee for that 30 seconds of bliss.
Good times!

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