Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another First

For the most part I am really good about keeping it together when my kids gets shots, have surgery, get sick, or anything that has to do with the medical field.  But apparently the dentist is a different story.
We talked about it for an entire week before he went.  I took him with Dan and I several months ago for our appointment.  I showed him what the dentist would do and how it would sound.  He was excited and supposedly ready to go. 

We walked into Dr. Quackenbush's office and the waiting room was perfect.  It was decorated like a forest; it had a log cabin, waterfall, rocks, and even a giant stuffed bear.  He was in heaven...until they called his name.

The fear fell immediately upon Camden's face and I felt like a failure.  My eyes started filling up with tears and I couldn't help but feel completely helpless.  I knew I had to keep it together so that his fears could subside.  The first thing he said, pointing to the hygienist wearing a mask and goggles, "I don't like her.  She is scary".

Luckily their office staff was beyond helpful and patient.  Camden laid on my lap(the other assistant entertained Jace), wore their awesome sunglasses, and sat through the entire cleaning and check up without a fuss.  He even sat in the chair by himself while the dentist gave his teeth one final check.

Everything looked great.  He has 20 teeth, no cavities, and a brand new race car toothbrush!  Hopefully I can hold it together next time.

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Anonymous said...

Ok - but were you as much in love with Dr. Quackenbush as we all are? Seriously, he's the best pediatric dentist ever!

Haven't seen you in awhile. Apparently you've been out getting tubes...what the? Hope it fixes your problem.

Love ya!
Amy (too lazy to sign in)