Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've always dreamed of saving the world.  You know, doing something so incredible that it had a positive affect on everyone and everything.  But seeing how the chances of that happening are slim to none, I went for something a little less far fetched.  Like traveling to a third world country to help perform life saving operations for those in need.  Or living in an orphanage to love on and read to the children.  Maybe lifting a train from a car with victims trapped inside.  Hey, I can dream right?

And while I continue to dream, I have thought long and hard about something a little more realistic for me right now.  And while I thought, I couldn't help but think of some examples that have inspired me.

Like my mom going around her neighborhood positioning certain peoples newspapers just so that when they opened their door it was easily at reach.

Or the stranger in the parking lot at Walmart who clearly walked out of his way to take my cart back so I could attend to my screaming children.

And I'll never forget Jill offering to bring dinner to my family when we were all sick with pneumonia and I on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

And the candy gram thank you from my sweet young women.

A card in the mail from Leslie who knew just what to say.

A vase of yellow flowers from Tiffani when there were no words to say.

The perfectly timed phone calls from Lauren who always knows when I need to talk.

And money for a birthday pedicure from my sister who recently lost her job.

Joycelyn sitting next to me at church to help with my boys when Dan was at work.

My list could go on for days.  And I highly doubt any of these people thought twice about what they did.  But I have.  These moments, these people, these Simple Acts of Kindness, changed my life.

So here's to saving the world one SAK at a time.



LOVE all the good to see some pictures..Okay Martha love the ties! I can't believe how much Jace looks like you! Camden is a big sweetheart and I need him here NOW to play with Owen..although Owen likes to put holes in walls too! I love you Lissa and I'm always going to thank God for sending you me in the lonely halls of W8!

Amy C said...

The Riverview Ward, is one in a million! I miss that ward! There are SO many good people there. I remember once when someone showed up at my door with dinner for me, a few weeks after I had my 3rd baby, and she thought it would be a nice gesture, and it was, and very much appreciated. I also remember when that same someone came and brought me a bouquet of tulips and a very sweet card, just when I needed it! Thank you!

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Lissa, Thank you for the S.A.K.'s you have done for me, like the time you hunted me down when my house was on fire ans the baby shower that you threw for me and for all the times we would drive home from yw's and you would sit and talk with me and listen as I told you why my heart ached. You have been the greatest friend. Thank you. I also know that you have been a great motherly example to quite a few young women. You are a hero.