Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First of Many

Timeout on the stair used to work for Camden.  But now he is sent to his room.  I struggled with this move because I wanted his room to be a place of peace for him and his sleeping issues.  But when your house isn't all that big, and timeout on the stair is longer are low on options.  So the room we chose, and it has served us well.

Camden's latest issue is running away when we try to talk to him.  Whether he is in trouble, or thinks he might be in trouble, or when he just plain doesn't want to listen, he runs away.  Most days I want to ignore it and let him run so I don't have to deal with it.  But I am trying hard to be consistent and help him make this change.

This morning while wrestling, Camden put Jace in an incredible choke hold.  This WWF move was after he had already slammed Jace's head against the bed causing his gums to bleed(Speaking of which...they are still bleeding.  I wonder if he should see a dentist? Nah).  After asking nice two different times, I decided to walk over for an intervention.  Camden released his victim and promptly took off running.

As calmly as I could muster, I asked Camden to come talk to me.  I wanted nothing more than to make a quick explanation of how he is stronger than Jace and he needs to be careful.  Unfortunately he wasn't having any of it.  He ran around in circles until I got a hold of him and told him he would be spending the next 3 minutes in his room to think about what just happened.  30 seconds later as he pounded on the door I walked back in to explain his time was starting over because of the pounding.  Shortly after one last pound I could hear him quietly crying.  I let the remaining time run out before I walked in to find this.
And when I asked him how it happened he told me Eddie(his cabbage patch doll) did it.
Then Jace did it.
Then he didn't know how it happened.  He didn't do it.
Then his pinkie finger did it, and it really hurts.
Living in a house of boys, I'm afraid this is the first of many holes to be found in my walls.

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Tawnya said...

hahahahaha! His little finger? You're a good mom. I usually send Kit to time out with a good swat on the butt.