Monday, November 9, 2009


What do you say to your new-ish neighbor whose innocent daughter leaves things like this on your house?
Yes, the same daughter who has walked into your house uninvited multiple times, and asked why you're yelling. Or why your son made a mess in YOUR house.

The same daughter who runs around unsupervised all day, everyday.

The same daughter who yelled, "We're not home" as you knocked on their door for the 5th time that night.

The same daughter whose mom pretends to be on her phone EVERY time she is outside the same time as you.

The same daughter whose mom you uncomfortably saw in the car with her boyfriend...kissing.

The same daughter and mom who won't answer the door when you knock!

Tell me...what would you do?


Casey said...

1. Please tell me you were able to get that writing off.

2. I would knock out both the girl and her mom.

3. Just sayin.

fivewalkers said...

Wowser...I hope Mr. Clean earaser can get that off the tile. I would be locking my door. How old is she?? I would just tell her very matter factly that she can't do that any more. Be firm but nice. If she continues tell her you and her mom are going to have a chat. Sometimes that scares them enough to stop. Good luck.

Tawnya said...

no freakin' way. I'd just grit my teeth and endure it probably. Good thing you're not like that! Lay down the law and be persistent!

Rachelle said...

Give the mom a link to your blog. ;) Some people!

Andee said...

wow I would be so mad! lock your doors!!

Anonymous said...

So, what did you do?