Monday, July 14, 2008

Randomness Around Here

Because Camden has become pro at walking, we decided we had better get him a good pair of shoes!
My mom would be proud to know her grandson has learned the value of hard work. We start em' young here at the Walker household.

He cracks me up because he does this quite often. If ever there is a rag or bib lying around, I catch him wiping up the floor. It must be something he has seen me do a bazillion times.

We, I mean I bought these crappy, cheap diapers(Dan tried talking me out of it) and Camden always has one cheek hanging out. It kinda defeats the purpose of even wearing them.

Note to self: stick with the brand of diapers that has done you well for an entire year, don't go cheap in this category.
Because Dan and I have such a sweet tooth, I figure my son does too. Lately I have been giving him a handful of chocolate chips during the afternoon for a fun little treat. He loves them and makes a huge mess!


Tawnya said...

HAHAHA I love the butt cheek!

Rebecca said...

C and H love to clean up too. Weird! Guess they don't know it's work yet. :) And I agree on the diapers... stick with good ones.

Anonymous said...

What a baby!!!