Thursday, April 17, 2008


1. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

2. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and post their names; then goes to their blog, leaves them a comment by letting them know that they have been tagged and invites them to read your blog.

Okay okay, my sister in law tagged me so here it goes:
  • I am a MANIAC when it comes to cleaning my house. My friend Tiffani tells me I clean like I am moving. For example; when I clean my kitchen I have to take everything including the kitchen table out in order to begin the cleaning process. I know, I'm a freak but at least I get a good workout in during the process.
  • I HATE shaving my ARMPITS(I know this is is getting personal, if you don't like it...stop reading). So instead I make my husband wax them for me, he is such a good sport. Waxing gets them smoother, no stubble, and you can go longer without any maintenance.
  • I am 8 years younger than Dan. I love teasing him about being SO old.
  • I absolutely hate running and I'm NO good at it, but dream of running a marathon someday. Don't ask me why!
  • I would BAKE something new everyday if I didn't want to eat it after. I love trying new recipes but what's the fun in making it if you can't eat the entire thing after, right?.
  • I could eat ice cream at EVERY meal, and must admit I have before. I can't really say I have one favorite kind because I love them all. As of late, I am a HUGE fan of pretzels and caramel in vanilla ice cream. die for!

I tag whoever is brave enough to attempt this one!


fivewalkers said...

I am totally going to try the ice cream idea. It sounds fantastic. Thanks for doing this, you are such a good sport. :-) I learned stuff I didn't know about you. The armpit thing "Killer". I hope we can see you when you come up here.

GPS said...

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Rebecca said...

I learned a lot too! :) (Looks like you're getting spammed, though...that's why I moderate.) ;)

Amy C said...

So I'm wondering if your house cleaning skills are up for hire! :) Just kidding! Fun to read this post, I learned some new things about you!