Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Timer

So today was a BIG day for Dan, he played in his first PGA tournament and rocked it! Thanks to Tiffani for watching Camden, I was lucky enough to go watch for a few holes and capture some fun pictures. The entire time I was snapping photos I wanted to ask people to pose and do fun shots, but I was scared because everyone was acting so serious. I guess when money is on the line things are a little different. Oh wait, that's how people always are when they play golf:)
This is Dan checking in with the other two guys he played with. Notice the guy in the pink is wearing a white belt, I was glad to see it wasn't just my husband! I was dying laughing at some of the guys outfits(once again I was scared to snap a photo, I didn't want my husband to look bad at his first tournament). Because they played in a three-some(I think that's what it's called) I was able to ride in the cart with Dan instead of walking.
The wind would not let up and made for a rough day. I was surprised the wind didn't knock the ball off the tee it was that bad! I'm pretty sure this putt made it in and also made Tiger jealous.
I love this picture! It was fun to go watch him and be out in the sun for a while! Just because he didn't win any money this time around doesn't mean he won't strike gold on Monday(he is playing in another one).

Good job Dan!



Im glad you got to go! Yeah whats with that pick shirt and white belt..I dont know anything about golf since Blake hates to play it but it sure looks like Dans good at it!


I meant pink shirt