Thursday, August 30, 2007


I received a funny email that had a picture of an overweight guy standing on a scale in the doctors office and the caption read: "Well, well- it seems your weight is perfect. You just happen to be eleven feet too short". That is exactly what has happened to me. You see...I started shrinking before I got pregnant, and it continued tremendously during pregnancy. I just hate when I step on the scale the weight is comparable to that of a 17 foot giant! So last week when Tiffani asked me if I wanted to go running with her, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Ever since then, I have really been trying hard to watch what I eat(calorie counting), and to continue exercising. I am hopeful that I will grow several feet over the next while.

And in order to really make myself stick to this so called plan of mine...I decided I needed to "out" myself! Don't worry...I will spare you all the details! But I just needed to post a "before" picture so that way you will all be in suspense for my "after" shot. Even if nobody reads this but my mom, at least someone will hold me accountable:)

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