Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jace is "Free"

Last night as I kissed my 2 year old Jace goodnight I wanted time to freeze.  For some reason I have dreaded letting my baby turn 3.  I don't remember feeling that way with Camden.  Luckily I'm not the person in charge of deciding whether or not kids can have birthdays, so 3 he turned today.

He woke up to birthday blocks on the kitchen table and presents strategically placed over the Happy Birthday banner which hung on the fireplace.  He kept asking if it was a birthday for him.  He just couldn't believe it was finally his day!

He always begs to eat a "hambooger inside the store", so after story time at the library we did just that.  He was so glad Wendy's remembered his birthday and gave him "rock 'em, sock 'em" finger puppets with his lunch.

His friend Cole dropped off his first gift of the day while we were out to lunch.  A few minutes after that, Miss Memzelle stopped by with a gift because she heard it was his day.

We went for a walk to the park and when we got home all the Blodgett kids came over, each with their own present for Jace.  We sat out on the grass while he loved every second of his own impromptu surprise birthday party.

After we all enjoyed a dinner of "sticky mac and cheese"(homemade macaroni and cheese) with green beans covered in tomato sauce, it was finally time to open more gifts.  He was so excited to open the gifts he had to look at all day without touching, he wouldn't even allow his face to be washed.

This year, like always, he was spoiled with birthday love.  His big gift this year was a new bike and Astro Boy helmet.

And his birthday treat of choice was a box of superhero popsicles.  I love the simplicity of a child.

Jace is my sweaty snuggle bug who wants things his way.  He is loving and kind but packs a mean punch.  He is strong willed and passionate.  Astro Boy is his all time favorite.  Whenever he thinks he is in trouble, he will rub my face and pull me in for a hug.  He is wise beyond his years and doesn't have much fear.  He doesn't like the wind and loves to sleep in late.  He doesn't care for breakfast but eats dinner like a champ. He could watch golf on TV for days and thinks kids his age are "babies". He hates being buckled in his car seat and is particular about what he wears.  He is my sweetest surprise and adds a huge amount of love and laughter to our family.  Happy birthday shark bait, we are grateful to celebrate you today and everyday!


Tawnya said...

So stink'n cute. His 'cake' is awesome and you look hot shooting a gun. :)

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Such a fun day!!! I am sad for you that he turned 3 but happy that he had a wonderful day. This is a beautiful post.

Catherine Childs Morrison said...

I was just lurking at blogs, looking for inspiration and stumbled over yours. I live in north western Canada. Moved here from the east where guns now are so feared. Ppl there are so far removed from them and do not understand the importance they play for both food and recreation. I loved my guns, although when my x husband and I parted company he would not allow me to have any of them. I did not contest this although was enraged. lol and when I saw your post a chill ran through me. Like minded healthy families are the ones who prove that gun ownership and responsible roll modeling is what will prevent guns from falling into the hands of kids who do not truly understand that in fact when loaded they are "set to kill". Thanks you folks for posting!