Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Do you ever have those days when you just feel down?  I noticed the bad weather blues creeping in on Monday but I tried to shove them aside with a smile on my face.

Yesterday the gray sky bothered me.  My knees hurt and I started crying several times during my run as they popped hitting the pavement.  The wind blew like crazy and I tried to stay busy around the house.  I was irritable and on edge, I had to get away by going to the grocery store.  As I laid in bed I didn't want to fall asleep.  The forecast showed the same ugly weather and I had a feeling it would get the best of me in the morning.

Sure enough.  Jace woke up in tears at 2am with a nasty cough and fever.  Camden woke up at 2:05am because I didn't take him out of bed when I got Jace. I laid in bed at 3am thinking about the things I needed to accomplish today.  So here it is noon and I'm feeling overwhelmed with several petty things. Things that normally aren't a big deal.

I don't want to wear levi's today, I'd rather stay in my pajamas.  My hair needs to be cut in a bad sorta way.  My eyebrows could stand a wax.  We had rootbeer floats at lunch and my tummy hurts.  I don't have my lesson for Sunday anywhere near prepared; but I can't seem to sit down and work on it.  My laundry pile is the size of Texas, but I hate folding it so I don't wanna wash it.  I know I let Camden play the Wii too often but sometimes I just don't care.  I need to finish my quilt top but I don't have my back picked out.  The floor needs to be mopped but the thought of doing it hurts my swollen knees. I know I would feel better if I got out of the house.  But getting out of the house would require putting Levi's on and we are back to square one.

Ugh...this weather is killing me.


{amy k.} said...

good news is you are not alone in having those days. they get the best of all of us. bad news is that doesn't make it any easier for you! just remember, the laundry and floors will be there another day for you to worry about. just take your boys out, even if you are in sweats!! who cares! :) just play with your boys, give your knees a rest and enjoy the day knowing you are going to accomplish absolutely nothing on your to do list. when i am able to tell myself, "it's okay, the to do list can wait" things start to feel better right away. we all put too much pressure on ourselves to get everything done and accomplish so much in a day.... when all is said and done, we get to take our knowledge and our families so spend your time with the ones you love and the rest will be there for a day the sun is shining and your knees don't hurt! :) hope the day gets better for you!!!

Tawnya said...

Guess I shouldn't whine about the warm temps here.... We're leaving for the trek tomorrow - be glad you don't have to wear a bonnet for three days!! :) Ice those knees and have a movie day.