Sunday, March 18, 2012

I want to remember...

Last night Dan and I were talking about our kids personalities.  We decided Camden got the best of both of our emotions, and Jace got the best of both of our stubbornness.  Aren't they lucky?

Anytime Camden gets a treat he has to save part of it(most of it) for Jace.  Today his primary teacher reminded me of his kind-heartedness.

Jace hasn't been feeling well.  Today while visiting with our home teachers he got rather upset because we asked him to stay and participate.  I had him sit on my lap to calm him down and he fell asleep in less than a minute.  That never happens.

For 2 weeks in a row during primary, Camden refused to color with the teachers crayons because he said he likes to use his own markers from home.  His teacher asked if I would bring some of his special markers to class.

Jace is obsessed with punching.  When he gets pretend mad he will shake his face and fists really fast until you start laughing or throw the first punch.

My boys are obsessed with rubbing my dad's shaved head during church.  Several people have commented to me on how funny they think it is.

I was set apart for my calling(a new ward was recently created and I got called to work with the beehives in this new ward) today and blessed with the ability to prioritize my family's needs before my calling.  And was reminded of the great importance of hugging my beehives and pulling them in close to show my love.

While out for a Sunday drive today, Camden asked me if we could please find "our big truck to go to Arizona without the winter".

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Anonymous said...

I love this!!! Every part. And I love how different the boys personalities are, they make me smile.