Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Neighbors

I consider myself and my boys pretty lucky to have experienced so many unique things since moving to Idaho.  One of them has been the exposure to farm life(did I really just type that).  Things you don't get to witness everyday.

Our backyard neighbor got a shipment of baby chicks just a few days prior to inviting us over to hold them.  Who would have known you can get baby chicks sent to you  in the mail? I was weirded out by this concept until I learned that when chicks hatch they have enough food reserves left from the egg that they can go several days without food or drink.  .

When we picked the chicks up they would chirp like crazy.  But the minute you brought another chick close by they both went silent.  It was pretty cute.

I was positive we would be preparing a funeral service shortly after Jace held any of them, but all was well.  They all made it out alive!

Camden was a little nervous about holding them but was an incredible helper when it came to feeding time.

After feeding the babies we got to collect eggs from the big chickens.  Unfortunately we accidentally let them out of the chicken run and had to chase them all back in.  Holding big chickens is a little more nerve wracking than the little ones!

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