Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day

Other than freezing cold temperatures, the winter here hasn't been too bad.  Last week we walked though a parking lot that had just been sprinkled with salt to help the rain from freezing into ice.  Camden started screaming for me to look at all the snow, and Jace was freaking out because "Santa comes with snow"!  They clearly have no idea what winter is all about.

You can imagine their excitement when we woke up to a yard quickly filling with snow.  They started begging from the minute we woke up to go outside and play.  That's when I realized we are not equipped with proper snow gear.  So we improvised!

2 shirts, 2 coats, Nanny's cheap gloves, 1 pair of pajama pants underneath a pair of sweats, topped with Levis.  Socks and shoes like normal, covered with a plastic grocery bag, held in place with mom's awesome tube socks!  And believe it or not, they actually stayed somewhat dry.

My snowman building skills were a little rusty, but together we managed to come up with a pretty good looking Frosty.

After we got done building the snow man, Camden proceeded to lay in the snow making "snow guys"(snow angels).  He also insisted we have a snow ball fight and eat all the "white snow" because he learned "how to play in the snow from TV".  I'm grateful the TV provided our family with perfect instructions for a fun afternoon in the snow.


{amy k.} said...

looks like so much fun! your boys are so cute!


Time to get out of that denial mode and by some snow stuff! You might not need it this year but you will!!!! Love you