Sunday, January 1, 2012

Night Owl

I've never been much of a night owl and always have a hard time staying up past 10 o'clock.  But this year was a little different. 

Thanks to my folks, Dan and I went out for a late dinner just the two us.  After getting home we watched the anti climatic "2011 Red Bull: New Year. No Limits" with my dad.

As I was getting ready for bed I noticed my dad had a few fireworks out on the counter. The little boy in him was jumping out of his shell waiting for the clock to strike midnight.  I couldn't resist joining him on this childish adventure.

When midnight struck we wandered out into the street.  He played with fire, and we both giggled that his were the biggest and baddest fireworks in the neighborhood.

Too bad he still doesn't know how to be careful when playing with fire in the wind.  He began the new year with a minor burn and I with a smirk.

Happy New year!

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