Friday, November 18, 2011

Drawing 101

Yesterday Camden asked if he could draw a picture for Dad since he is out of town.  I happily got the bag of crayons and a few pieces of paper, anticipating a little time to myself.  But I had this nagging feeling it was time for a little drawing lesson. 

Up until this point Camden just "scribbled" on paper and when asked what he colored, he looked at me like I was crazy.  I guess I thought kids just magically learned how to draw things. But seeing how I never draw because I lack that gene, why would I expect them to know how.    So I busted out my stick figure skills and told him to give it a try.

Call it sappy but I got a bit chocked up when I noticed he really did learn something from me. So I excitedly asked him about his drawing.

"It's one, two, three, four aliens getting sucked up in that spaceship.  And these(pointing to all the random dots) are Chewie's feets of mud all over everywhere."

And his(ok, mine too) favorite part of this masterpiece was on the back side.

"Look!  It's you having a hard day mom."

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Tawnya said...

That is AWESOME. Kolby and I were cracking up.