Sunday, June 12, 2011


Camden has been anxiously waiting for this day to come.
He has been talking about it since Jace had his birthday in April.  He(and I) thought the day would never come.
As we drove home from church today we passed a family riding bikes together.  Camden made mention how cool the "little guy" was riding his bike.  He even thought he could talk Papa into letting him borrow his bike.
Lucky for him, Nanny and Papa were one step ahead of him and bought him his very own.  Now he can be one of those cool little guy's.
This year he got a bike, helmet, tons of cool clothes, a Toy Story slip n' slide, a dinosaur card, and his very own money.
Camden is the world's best big brother and he takes that role very seriously.  He loves to be in charge of those he feels most comfortable with, but is quick to follow and obey when others give commands.  He is learning about responsibilities and takes pride in his hard work.  He is obsessed with having french toast for breakfast and insists on helping prepare most meals.  He loves primary and talking about playing football and basketball when he is big like his Dad.  Chicken is probably his least favorite food unless it comes from McDonald's in the form of a nugget.  The first thing he wants to do each day is play on his "daddy's Ipod" and is a natural when it comes to gadgets.  He wants to be a rockstar and loves to play with friends.  He is a tricky little devil and enjoys playing hide and seek. Spiderman and Jurassic park are his latest movie obsessions.  He is showing an interest in learning to read and is very good with his letters.  We are so glad Camden is a part of our family and we are proud of who he is becoming.

Happy Birthday Camden!


Bubbly Faces said...

Oh my heck I can't believe he is four!! I mean I know that he is, but in my mind he is still around twoish... Stop growing little man!

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Yeah!!! Happy Birthday Camden.