Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's no secret

Camden's into the tattle tale phase...

Yesterday when I wouldn't allow him a third gumball to cram in his mouth he quickly responded with, "I'm gonna tell Daddy on you".
And I can't even count how many times he and Jace are having a little spat and I hear, "I'm telling" as he is running in to find me.
Last night when he should have been falling asleep he was yelling out.  And when Dan refused to give in to his antics of needing his happy T-Rex(cause the first dinosaur wasn't a T-Rex and the second was a scary T-Rex)he yelled out, "I'm gonna tell Mom".

Jace could care less by this threat.  I think it's a phase and try reminding him that nobody likes a tattle tale.  But I can see Dan gets annoyed.
So this morning while getting ready I heard him tell Dan he was gonna tell mom on him.  I quickly explained that tattling on your parents doesn't work because we are the boss.

So I should have seen it coming today when I told him if he wasn't quiet during church I would take his toy away, and he responded with "I'm gonna tell Jesus, cause you're not being nice".


Debbie said...

OMGoodness, that is so funny. I just love the little things kids say.

I went private on my blog, but don't have your email to invite you. Will you email me it please.

Tawnya said...

hehehe I don't want my kids to be smarter than I am.

Bubbly Faces said...

Oh I love how he went straight to the TOP.. Way to go Camden!!