Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling Giddy

I would be lying if I told you I didn't smile every time I see these hanging above my back door.  There is just something about them that makes me giddy inside.

Maybe it's the fact that Camden and Dan have the exact same lips.  Or that Jace inherited his perfect double chin from none other than, yours truly.  Or maybe it's because I told Dan to save room for a 5th picture next to Jace, and he gave me the look(no, that was not an announcement, just wishful thinking).

Or maybe because this new addition took less than 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Oh and don't worry...after reviewing these pictures I promptly dusted the crown molding which had a spider web large enough to house 100 spiders.


Natenkell said...

I love them!!! But I think it's totally unfair that you posted them without a "how to."

Tawnya said...

Ohh, I love it!! And I love how big Camden's head is. hehehe YES, post a 'how to' plz. :D

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

These are great. I am glad you posted these so I have a visual for your description over the phone. After I saw the photos and before I read what you wrote I thought that having another baby would create that odd number you want. They are adorable. You are so creative.

Tracy said...


Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

That is AMAZING!!!! How did you do that?