Monday, February 1, 2010


In order to be where Dan wants to be in his career, he needed to pass the dreaded PAT(player ability test) which consists of 36 holes of golf. He has taken this test before so we all knew the drill.

He left early in the morning giving himself ample time to warm up, and I knew not to expect a call until 5 or 6 at night. You can imagine my excitement when I received the following picture text at 530pm:

"Target score 152. Woot Woot!"

So this of course was cause for a GIANT celebration. I didn't even have to ask him where he wanted to go, I already knew.


Thanks to Ya Ya everyone was there waiting to surprise him with a big Congratulations!
I'm SOOOO proud of you Dan!


Tawnya said...

When I saw the title, I thought "uh oh, it's PAT!" Good thing there's no doubt about Dan's gender!! hahahaha

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

That is so great. I was a bit confused when I saw the target score was 152 and Dan got 150, bummer off by two points but then I remebered how they score golf. This is exciting, does this mean we will be seeing Dan in the US Open?