Saturday, February 27, 2010

In a Rut

My blog has been put on the back burner this last little bit. It seems as though life has been spinning out of control. As much as I would have loved to remember all those little things and post it on the blog, I just couldn't keep up. So here is a small recap of the things that really matter.
Both kids started the month off with ear infections. Jace's ear infection got better, while Camden's has felt the need to stick around. And most recently(today) ruptured his right eardrum AGAIN! Our favorite ENT scheduled surgery for next Monday and we're hopeful this second set of tubes will do the trick.
Camden has been a handful. He has been going through what I like to call a tough phase(although I think this phase started on day one)! He can be super naughty yet so polite. He likes to cry when we drop him off with the sitter and at nursery, but always seems to enjoy it once he's there. He is quite the talker and a big copy cat. He is still obsessed with dinosaurs, and loves to watch "Dinosaur Train". He likes to stay up late, yet always wakes up early. He doesn't want to eat but could drink chocolate milk or apple juice all day. He hates to take a nap unless you tell him he can't, and he begs to go night night on "mommy's bed". Before he falls asleep he has to take his socks off(I'm afraid he got that from me), but cries if you do it for him. He is often guilty for being the bully, but is oh so sensitive to others wants/needs.

Last week while Jace was receiving a breathing treatment and crying in the doctors office, Camden rubbed his arm and softly sang, "I love you a bushel and a peck..."

He has quite the vocabulary. And to my dismay, his smart mouth comments come naturally. His name is "Tamen Daniel Walker" and his favorite color is pink, yes pink. He loves to tattle on himself, and then make amends. His favorite day is "yesaday" and favorite time, "five mo minutes". He knows the perfect way to push my buttons, and definitely has my temper.

The other day he asked Dan to show him his armpit, and said, "yucky hair". When it was my turn to show him he said with excitement "look mommy has sprinkles".

He is such a joy in our home and the perfect big brother for Jace!
Jace has been a bit more mobile this last month, cruising along the furniture and crawling up the stairs. Hopefully he won't burn all that baby fat off that I just love to pinch.

I'm seriously contemplating cutting his hair. You wouldn't believe the number of people who call him a her. I'm convinced its the bob cut he is currently sporting with his big blue eyes and long lashes. But just for the record, no girl of mine would ever sport a blue binky, blue blanket or blue shirt with bugs!

He has mastered the head shake from side to side, I'm pretty sure it's his signature move. He loves to point at people, and wave when saying goodnight. He loves his 8 chompers and eats everything in sight. He would most definitely prefer real food over his bottle. But if he sees you making a bottle, watch out, he goes crazy until its in his mouth!

A few weeks ago Jace unfortunately got RSV and an ear infection. He started sleeping again and sounded great until last Sunday. He was having a hard time breathing and just not sleeping great at night. So back to the doctor we went and found out he had hMPV which led to pneumonia. So the poor guy has been drugged up and not feeling like himself. But even when he's sick he is still so easy going.

He is taking 2 naps a day and I'm thinking that will be quick to change. He sleeps like a rock star and loves his binky and blanket. His latest trick his hitting and pulling hair. He loves taking a bath with his brother and will splash until the water is gone. He hates getting his diaper changed but loves to snuggle.

He is so laid back and we love having him around!


Tracy said...

Whew, your life these last couple of week sounds intense!! I would absolutely love to watch your two angel boys for you some afternoon so you could take a much deserved nap!

btw, that picture of J with his breathing treatment stuff on is so sad, but his eyes look incredible!

Blake and BreeAnn said...
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Blake and BreeAnn said...

You have the most BEAUTIFUL kids! I hope my kids are that cute! :)

As for Camdens "tough" phase, Emilee was the same way (except probably even worse haha seriously ask my mom for stories) but now (as my mom likes to put it) she's the perfect teenager. & as for me & Andee, apparently we were really easy little kids and hard teenagers. (Why she would say that about ME I haven't a clue!) So my mom is convinced if they are hard as children they make up for it when they are teenagers.

& by the way she said she'd take a hard kid over a hard teenager anyday..