Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Turning A Corner

I've been out of the blogging scene for far too long and have been sick and tired even longer than that. But this week marks a turning point in our sick and tiredness. Camden and Jace both slept through the night!!! This is monumental folks. I honestly don't remember the last time that has happened; this in itself is a miracle.

We have seen such a difference in Camden's sleeping patterns since having his tonsils and adenoids out. He asks to lay down for a nap and for the most part, wakes up happy. And the biggest thing I've noticed is he isn't falling asleep everytime he sits down for more than a couple minutes. A Christmas miracle I tell ya!

Jace is starting to take better naps during the day. He has always been so chill and never needed much attention. Lately he has become a wee bit fussier(really not bad) and so I felt like he needed a better nap. For the past two days he has done just that. He has taken a two hour naps two days in a row. WOW.

Dan and I both took our last pill for the pneumonia yesterday, it feels good to be done. Those pills made my tummy rumble and my face fat. We have both noticed a huge difference in how we feel, less congestion and the cough is almost non-existent. Yeah for a kind and wise doctor.

About two months before I delivered Jace my ears filled with fluid and I couldn't hear. I felt like I was living with my head in a bubble of water. It drove me nuts. To make a long story short I couldn't find an ENT that would treat me, or even see me, because I was pregnant(don't get me started). So after delivering Jace and demanding a referral from my PCP I finally got seen by an ENT. Evidently I had fluid overload from my pregnancy(no duh), and because the fluid never drained I received a fungal and staph infection. I was treated, and went on my way.

Until a couple weeks ago when the same feeling came back, and I was living in a bubble again. Only this time it was coupled with severe vertigo. So to make another long story short, on Monday I went to the ENT and had a hole cut in both eardrums to drain the fluid. My eardrums feel a little numb and ache from time to time, but I can hear things I never knew made noise. Very weird. The vertigo still comes and goes but I'm hopeful that will resolve once my eardrums have healed.

I love this corner we've turned, things look brighter over on this side!


DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Yeah!!! That is great news. I am glad the boys are sleeping and you are feeling better. Good Times.

Debbie said...

yay, a full nights rest is the best thing in the world. Glad your feeling better and can hear now. I've never heard of that happening, how annoying.


Oh my hell you've been thru a lot!! I'm sorry about your ears but glad things seem to be getting better..I wish I lived there to come help you!

Tawnya said...

Holy moly, Liss, good thing you have insurance! It's too bad that you have to go through that crud to really appreciate good health and good sleep.

Cara Fish said...

Oh...you have really been through it lately. I hope everyone stays healthy...for at least a little bit. :)