Monday, September 7, 2009

Potty Time

Out of the blue, several weeks ago, Camden decided to pee in a bucket he uses at bath time. I gave him all sorts of applause and so this continued. I deemed it a problem when he started carrying the bucket around the house wanting to pee in it all day, meanwhile splashing the pee all over. With excitement I took Camden to the store and invested in one of those little potty's I swore I'd never buy. I was foolish enough to think he would love it and no longer want diapers.
Obviously it didn't work out the way I had planned because he was terrified of the stupid thing, not to mention even more terrified of the regular toilet. So I decided he wasn't ready. I kept it out just in case he changed his mind. I often found myself holding his baby "Eddie" on it while secretly pouring water in the bottom as if he peed. I wanted Camden to like the potty, and if he saw his baby liked it, why wouldn't he?
That didn't work either. Until...Saturday Camden woke up and asked to sit on the potty. I took off his diaper and sat him down not expecting anything but tears. What I got was so much better...a good amount of pee and a skid mark on the seat. We called Daddy, Nanny, and Uncle Caleb to tell them the good news. I made such a big deal out of it but deep down tried not to get my hopes up. He asked to sit on the potty a few more times that day so I ran with it. I went out and bought underwear and a dinosaur.
The next morning I left him in the buff and placed the dinosaur in plain site on top of the fridge. I told him he could have it if he went poop. He whined for a good couple hours about the dinosaur so I knew he REALLY wanted it. It was 5 minutes before I was to be heading out the door for church that he decided to go. And he really did go, a "big big poop in the potty" as he called it. So we had a huge celebration which included candy, dancing, singing, high fives, dinosaurs, running around in circles, and jumping up and down while rushing out the door.
So in all his glory...Meet "Dino"(said in a scary voice).
Needless to say I am all over this. We spent most of our day doing things like this in the nude, all while drinking lots to from a cup(goodbye sippy).
We even braved an outing to the store in underwear. What could be so important you ask? I promised him another dinosaur if he went poop. And lucky for both of us, he delivered. I didn't want to go back on a promise and have him stick it to the man. If buying all the dino's the store had left(at the dollar spot) means no more diapers, bring it on. I'm proud to say we had no catastrophes while strolling through Target. But we did go to the bathroom three times during the twenty minutes we were there.
I guess it's official, we're potty training. I even called the babysitter and she's game. Should I consider myself lucky to be working the next two days? Thank goodness for Dad's and babysitters(wink wink)!

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Tawnya said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a great rundown of the past few days. I wish I were funny.