Monday, July 6, 2009

Sleep Study

Several months ago I noticed Camden had enlarged tonsils. I also noticed he was snoring rather loud and had periods of sleep apnea. And seeing how he hasn't been sleeping well for quite some time I wondered if this had anything to do with it. So I watched him sleep a few times and as he would stop breathing it would force him to gasp for air, thus causing him to wake up scared.

I made an appointment with his ENT who was hesitant to do surgery right away because of his age. He told me if Camden was 2 years older he would do surgery tomorrow, but the risks are too great with him just turning 2.

He suggested Camden go for a sleep study and depending on the results he may or may not have surgery right now.

So last night we packed a bag and headed off for our "fun night together". I have seen these done in a hospital setting but wasn't sure what to expect when going to an outside facility.

After we checked in they took us to "our suite". When I walked in I felt like I was staying at a hotel. They had tried to make it seem as much like home as possible. Check out the big old mound of pillows by the night stand we had already taken off the bed to feel more at home.

They put Madagascar in for him to watch on TV while they hooked him up, hoping for a distraction. It didn't work. Although he cried the entire time the tech hooked him up, I thought he did pretty good considering it was already past his bedtime and he hadn't had a nap. He didn't pull at or take off any of the wires. After falling asleep they came in and put a nasal cannula on him which monitored his oxygen. He did take that off a few hours later.

Camden appeared to sleep better than usual, I contribute that to me lying with him all night.

The creepy part to me was knowing(they kept reminding me) they could see and hear me. I had a hard time falling asleep and once I did, I had crazy dreams. Crazy enough that at one point I yelled for help and woke myself up when they came in to check on me. I was so embarrassed I wished I was still dreaming, but it was real.

Apparently Camden didn't sleep as well as I thought, because when we got home he crashed on the couch with me for a few hours.

I am anxious to know what the test shows!


Amy C said...

I sure hope that they can figure something out! That doesn't sound like any fun at all!

Tawnya said...

Wow. That's a nice room they provide! How creepy to know someone is watching you sleep - especially since you're not the one being studied.

Cara Fish said...

Holy moly! I am proud of you - don't think I could have slept with people watching. Although, I have to admit, I would have paid admission to see you wake up screaming for help with everyone watching. Sorry. I'm sick.

Tracy said...

dont worry, its not a first for you... sometimes i watch you sleep. creeped out yet?